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Welcome to Only Earthmoving

For many years, machine dealerships in Australia have been dissatisfied with the cost to list their vehicles on various machine buying websites. Ultimately, this expense gets passed onto the customer. At Only Earthmoving, we recognised the inherent unfairness in this and wanted to create something better for both customers and dealers.

Only Earthmoving is a simpler and smarter machine buying and selling experience. Our website has been designed to remove the stress and difficulties of buying a machine for our customers.

Our unique model delivers buyers to your inbox without paying for clicks. No wasted clicks, no paying for unqualified leads. All for a small month to month subscription.

We have integration with the following Dealer Management Systems (DMS).

How It Works

How Only Earthmoving can benefit you!

As a partnership dealer, you will have exclusive access to list stock, promote stock and in turn sell more stock. We work with the following Dealer Management Systems (DMS).

Weekly subscription packages starting from as low as $300.00 +GST a week.

Only Earthmoving delivers pre-approved buyers to your inbox.

Our model means no extra fees, costs or charges for customer enquiries.

Over 23,000 unique visitors a month and a database of 100,000+ existing customers.

Interested? Get in touch with Jordan Clements.


Phone:  07 3340 6737

Position:  National Manager

Dealer Package Pricing

Only Earthmoving Pricing Packages Available

Our pricing guide is as follows:


$300.00 +GST / week / per dealership branch ( no lock-in contract )

  • Unlimited listings
  • No cost per lead
  • Integrates with your Dealer Management System
  • Established equipment finance brokers
  • Commercial and consumer lending available
  • Individualised inventory reports

Looking for more?

  • Multi-assets marketplace
  • Additional tools & services
  • Financed through Credit One
  • Financier in our own rights


What is an earthmoving marketplace for dealers?

An earthmoving marketplace for dealers is an online platform that allows earthmoving dealers and private sellers to list their machines for sale and connect with potential buyers.

How does an earthmoving marketplace benefit dealers?

An earthmoving marketplace provides dealers with access to a wider pool of potential buyers, allowing them to increase their reach and sell more machines. Additionally, the platform may offer features such as lead management, inventory management, and advertising tools to help dealers run their businesses more efficiently.

What types of dealers can advertise on the marketplace?

Any licensed dealer, whether independent or franchise, can use Only Earthmoving to sell their stock.

Can private sellers use the website?

Yes, private sellers can use the website to list there earthmoving assets for sale.

What types of stock can dealers list on Only Earthmoving?

Dealers can typically list a variety of machine types, including new and used excavators, forklifts, graders, rollers, dump trucks, mining trucks and many more. We also offer many other platforms for different types of stocks, such as , , or .

How does pricing work on Only Earthmoving?

Most automotive marketplaces charge a fee per listing or offer subscription plans for dealers who list a high volume of vehicles. Some platforms may also charge a commission fee based on the final sale price of the vehicle. However, on Only Earthmoving, we only charge a single monthly fee for unlimited listings as well as all the supports and services that we can provide.

What features does Only Earthmoving typically offer for dealers?

Some of our features include inventory management, lead management, advertising tools, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and analytics dashboards to help dealers track their sales and performance. We will also continue adding more tools and services to assist dealers in their sales and provide the tailored features if necessary.

Can dealers use Only Earthmoving in conjunction with their own website?

Yes, Only Earthmoving offer integration options for dealers to display their listings from their own websites, allowing them to maintain their own branding and online presence while also leveraging the benefits of the marketplace.

Can I use a Dealer Management System to feed my stock directly to Only Earthmoving?

Dealers currently using a DMS can facilitate a direct data feed from their DMS, provided that the DMS is one of our . If your DMS is not on the list, please for further details.

How do I access my enquiries?

All enquiries will be sent via emails to you. They are also filtered and stored in the dashboard for dealers to access, view and manage. You can also view the enquiries from your DMS system if it is supported.

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