Case Construction Equipment says it plans operate as a “180-year-old stat-up business” with the launch of two additional electric vehicle (EV) models of its mini excavator and compact wheel loader in 2024.

Case unveiled its first EV mini excavator, the CX15EV, at last year’s PWX Conference in California. It is now available in the US and is soon to expand to other markets.

For 2024, the construction equipment maker said the launch of the CX25EV mini excavator and CL36EV electrified compact wheel loader reflect its expansion of its EV journey.

Case Construction vice president of North America Terry Dolan said the company’s approach to its new EV models “is the same as every other CASE machine since 1842 — to meet the changing needs of our customers through practical innovation that help them get more done easier and more profitably than ever before.”

“EV products serve the needs of communities and the municipal and public works teams who must complete a wide range of on-budget projects with as little residential and environmental impact as possible, such as low noise or no emissions,” he said.

He said that the new EV range had the same power and performance as diesel-powered machines but the advantages of being easy to charge, transport, service, had a lower total cost of ownership, zero on-site carbon emissions and quiet operation. All these factors maximised value for operators.

The Case CX15EV is a 1320kg mini excavator powered by a 16kW electric motor. Featues include its retractable tracks that get machine width down to about 78cm for going through doorways and working in confined spaces.

Its minimum swing radius design also means it can work very close to structures and obstacles.

A load-sensing hydraulic system delivers smooth and powerful performance that allows the operator to dial the machine in to each task.

It has a 21.5kWh lithium-ion battery that is charged either by the 110V/220V on-board charger, or via an external rapid charger that can have the machine charged extremely fast, typically within 90 minutes.

Case said that depending on the type of work, the CX15 EV will provide enough power to work through a full eight-hour work day.

Case EV models further benefit public works projects as they:

  • Are compatible with more than 140 attachments, allowing teams to efficiently and precisely accomplish the task at hand

  • Produce no emissions and far less sound than diesel equipment, which can cause less disturbance, improve job safety and extend operating hours

  • Help meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and environmental regulations

  • Have fewer parts to service than their diesel counterparts, significantly simplifying service and reducing maintenance time and costs over the life of the machine.

Case North America head of construction equipment product management, Brad Stemper, said that the machine’s reduced emissions and noise reduction and lower lifetime fuel and maintenance costs means it “will be a powerful, efficient and sustainable addition to our mini excavator lineup.”

“This machine is the next step in our electrification journey — and we are committed to bringing the industry a complementary portfolio of diesel and electric equipment to meet the needs of the broadest range of applications and operations.

“Case began engineering EV equipment in 2020 when a utility company approached us about their desire for an electric backhoe.

“The result was Case debuting the construction industry’s first fully electric backhoe.

“During that collaboration, we listened to their real-world application requirements and became ingenuity obsessed with improving EV machine design and performance to meet them.

“The new Case EV line is built on the advancements gained through that experience and others — continuous innovation based on operator feedback and proven operation in the field.”

Case products are available with Earthmoving Equipment Australia.

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