Long-standing Brisbane construction and civil engineering business Brancatella Plant Hire has extended its inventory thanks to machinery specialists BrisVegas Machinery.

Brancatella Plant Hire, which started in 1973 and is now one of Brisbane’s longest-running family-owned businesses, has added five new Kobelco excavators from Brisvegas Machinery.

The purchase of the crawler excavators — two large SK260’s with a 1.2cu.m bucket capacity and 7m dig depth; a larger SK300LC-10; a SK135SR-7 model perfect for tight operating spaces; and a SK235SR-2 model with a 1.0cu.m bucket — introduces Kobelco’s newest machines to the Brancatella fleet.

The new-generation excavators boast improved fuel efficiency, easier control functions for reduced operator fatigue, and in the case of the 135SR-7, now with an Isuzu engine that requires no AdBlue.

They join Brancatella’s current fleet of more than 80 machines that has expanded in line with its growth in the construction and civil industry.

Brancatella’s equipment is offered for wet hire in Brisbane, regional and remote areas of Queensland and aside from excavators, includes truck and dog, combos, tippers, moxy, graders and backhoes.

Its success is based on its wide range of machinery available and on its operational focus on earthworks, demolition, drainage and concrete, land clearing, roads and subdivisions.

Owner Vito (Bill) Brancatella said that about half of its business comes from general hire and the other half from civil contracting works.

Brancatella BrisVegas

He said that in purchasing machinery, it was much more than the machine’s price.

“To us, it is the after-sales service that is the most important,” he said.

“That means more to us than any price you pay for a machine. Bad after-sales service means downtime, loss of work and more.

“It’s not easy to find out what a business’s after-sales service is like, so ask those in the industry who have purchased from them and find out how quickly they respond to issues, can they get a technician on site within a reasonable amount of time and do they have a well-stocked spare parts department.

“Those sorts of things could cost you more than the savings you made on buying a less expensive machine.”

That is one of the main reasons Brancatella’s deals with BrisVegas Machinery.

Brancatella’s started when Bill — originally a hairdresser — moved to Brisbane from Melbourne and heard of a council contract job that paid well.

He learnt how to operate an excavator and then a backhoe, buying his first, used, backhoe in 1973 before work expanded and he needed a second machine.

Five New Excavators

Bill said that running a business is hard “and if you want to see results you have to work hard.”

“Don’t just take any work that comes at you, be smart in your dealings,” he said.

“We have turned down numerous contracts because we have received bad credit information.

“We are very strict with our terms and because of that stringency we do cost ourselves customers and work at times, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“Customer service should also be a priority. We like to ensure we can provide the best service before we overextend ourselves by taking on work we don’t have the capacity to fill right then and there.

“Many businesses are too quick to expand and that is where you can run into trouble.”

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