Highly efficient zero-turn mowers have become the go-to for residential and commercial lawn care use because of their many advantages over traditional lawn mowers.

These innovative machines are designed to provide exceptional manoeuvrability, efficiency, and comfort to make them an excellent choice for garden owners and lawn care professionals.

Combined with the time-saving features of Toro’s TimeCutter machines, and zero-turn mowers mean less time mowing and more time on the turf.

The manufacturer produces a wide range of products for any size garden and has incorporated machine patented technologies and features aimed at making the mowers noticeably more comfortable and easy to use. At the same time, the machine will deliver the excellent standards of finish gardeners expect from a quality mower.

Toro said that its ride-on mowers are engineered to efficiently handle extreme conditions and challenging terrain, claiming an unmatched manoeuvrability for cutting around trees and landscaping.

One of the priorities is to simplify the mowing operation and reduce trimming which saves the operator time.

Its TimeCutter models are available with either Toro single-cylinder and Kohler V-twin engines. Each is tuned specifically to the requirements of each machine they power, so they’re ideal for the applications the mower is made for.

Some of the features include Toro’s exclusive Smart Speed control system that takes the time-saving speed and agility of a zero-turn mower and adds greater control.

It lets the operator choose different ground speed ranges with the flip of a lever without changing the blade or engine speeds.

Smart Speed control system gives the choice of ‘trim’ for three speeds to trim closer for maximum time savings; medium ‘tow’ range for towing attachments; or to select high ‘mow’ range to mow large open areas quickly.

Other features include an automatic parking brake that automatically engages when the control arms are moved outward. This eliminates the need for a separate parking brake, making operation easy.

There is also a dual hydrostatic drive system that provides independent power to each wheel for maximum traction and manoeuvrability.

The mowers have a deep 102mm steel deck for rigidity that provides superior cutting performance in all conditions.

The frame is made of heavy-duty 10-gauge to give increased strength, durability and reliability. There is also a choice of comfort seats (381mm) mid back or 457mm high back seats to provide ample back support for a smooth, comfortable ride.

Toro has been manufacturing zero-turn mowers both for residential and commercial applications and said that the TimeCutter range of mowers deliver an outstanding quality of cut along with the time savings of zero-turn technology.

The company said that the mowing time its customers have reported with their Toro zero-turn mower is about 45 per cent compared with their previous non-zero-turn mower.

Toro is available from Semco Equipment Sales.

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